What's the best way to filter on JPAContainer ?

Hi All,

I recently started using Vaadin, and I now have to filter on many data types (dates, Integer, long…).
I’m wondering what’s the best way to do this: should i write a filter foreach data i want to filter, or does a way exist to use the Converters defined in my ConverterFactory (or any other way to do this ?)


Hi, if you just recently started with Vaadin, my first tip is to
stay away from JPAContainer
. There are better ways to do lazy binding to components like Table and when you get to e.g. filtering, the whole Container-Item-Property concept just gets on you face. If you write a JPA facade like with any other Java app, it is much easier just to write your filtering against that.

If you are already long with your JPAContainer based solution, you could just use simple built in filters in Vaadin for simple data types. JPAContainer is intelligen enough to interpret those properly.


Well, I can’t stop to use JPAContainer, so i will try with built in Vaadin filters.

Thank’s for your answer