What triggers Container Filters to be applied?

I have a table with default IndexedContainer and the rows contain a Select dropdown and an editable field.
I have added a filter to the table to allow users to filter the contents of the table.
The filter works fine when you apply it or change the filter.

However, if I edit one of the fields so that it is no longer matching the filter, the filter is not reapplied.
the field called table.valueChange(valueChangeEvent) after editing the field.

I am using latest Vaadin 6.6.1.

What do I need to do to cause the filter to be reapplied when I edit a field?

If it is helpful for me to show some code I can, just not sure which bit is helpful :slight_smile:

thanks, Tom

There is a method called filterAll() defined in AbstractInMemoryContainer, which IndexedContainer extends. calling it will cause the fields to be refiltered. The problem is that the method is protected, so you’d have to extend IndexedContainer to make the method public. There is a bunch of other methods that call it internally as well so you could check if you could access it trough acessing another method.

Removing and re-adding the filter will work, since addContainerFilter() will trigger filterAll().