what is the way of uri request handling with a load balancer ?

I have a vaadin-spring application on a weblogic server.
In our system there exists a load balancer server which handles the requests and send them to our application servers.
For example,when we first send a request to load balancer it redirects the request to server1 and when we send a request to load balancer again it redirects the request to server2.
In this case our application takes the request from load balancer in first time and forms the “application.uri” according to load balancer server. But when we start to work with application servers the uri changes but our application does not understand it and gives an access denied error.
We use something like

window.open(new ExternalResource(application.url+ “?page=” + text));

to form the requests.
Is this a true way to do that or does anyone have any idea to handle this situation?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do with the application URI, but it sounds like you’re not using sticky sessions with your load balancer. Considering that Vaadin stores all the UI information in the session, I’d suggest you make the load balancer send the same session requests to the same server. Otherwise, very often when a request comes in the receiving node is going to have to locate the node that has the session data and copy it over. That’s a lot more work than you want in this situation.


Thanks Bobby,
With a little luck and with your advice I configured the balancer as you said .)
It is working now …