What happened to Component#setDescription

In our rendering engine we have some stuff that processes fields not knowing what implementation and not caring about that either. Some piece of code sets the description based on the spec of the user.

setDescription is gone. Looking for instance at button, it’s a method on that specific classs that’s not part of any interface. Or am I supposed to set the description on a field in Vaadin 7 ?


At least in 7.0.5, setDescription does not indeed exist in the Component interface, but only in AbstractComponent. Which is quite weird, considering getDescription IS in Component. Personally I’d class this as a bug (or more like an oversight). Could you create a ticket for this, please?

The method setDescription() (as well as some others) are in AbstractComponent but not in the Component interface in Vaadin 7. Note that even getDescription() wasn’t in the interface in Vaadin 6.

The ticket related to what is in the Component interface is
(with some discussion).