what ever happened to vaandin webmail?

I was doing some heavy serching for zimbra alternatives, when i came across this site. there was (or is?) something being worked on called vaandin webmail http://jtechnoprojects.blogspot.com/p/vaadinmail-webmail-system.html

But when i go to the main vaandin website, there is no mention of it that i can see.

did it get discontinued? is it still being worked on? if it is still being worked on, how does one use it? i REALLY like the look of it, I personally feel it is one of the best guis I’ve seen.

Have a look at this thread:

There the author of the webmail project posted a link to his blog. The project doesn’t sound like it was made in cooperation with the vaadin team so it makes sense that you don’t find information on it on the main vaadin site. The only mail application i know of is the Touchkit demo app mentioned in the thread.

i see, thanks. kind of dissappointing it was 3rd party and seemingly never got very far.