what are the files to be added to create a vaadin project

hiii everyone,
i am new to vaadin.i have created a new vaadin project.it is giving an error .It is asking to create new application class.later i created a dynamic web project and installed vaadin in it.but the browser is not able to find the project.can anyone give me the procedure of how to work out an application.the jar files need to be added,etc.i followed the procedure in the manual but couldn’t achieve it.i think i haven’t added some files for which i am not able to get the output but not able to get what is that.please help me out.

Here are a couple of youtube videos of how to get started with Vaadin

Note that the first video is based on an old version of the Vaadin Eclipse plugin.
You should normally use New → Vaadin Project instead of New → Dynamic Web Project.

thank you for your valuable suggestions.I changed the version to 6.2.4 and all the errors got disappeared and i am getting the output now.