What about a Code Share area?

A lot of the forum requests are asking about how to do something due to either they are new to Vaadin or trying to do something different.

Vaadin should consider setting up a developer Code Share area so that developers can share their code with each other once they have got it working.

It would help developers rapidly solve their issue.

I don’t quite get what this code share area thing would be.

It kinda sounds like this:

public void somecoding(){ System.out.print("Do Stuff!"); } or are you talking about something similar to github?

No not like Github, that is more for sharing projects. It is probably more like Vaadin-addons but sharing sample code so that developers can help each other.

For example I cannot get Vaadin to work as a component inside a HTML page. Once I find a solution I would like to share via a Code Share area so that other developers have an immediate solution to this problem without having to search forums.