Weird reload problems with Chrome, Firefox and Saffari in OSX Lion


I’m running my app with Tomcat 6 (tested with 7 as well) from within Eclipse.
When I make a change, the app is republished automatically.

The problem is, when I hit the reload button on any web browser, it seems the page is reloaded from some cache.
I tried to clean Chrome’s cache but it didn’t help. The same happened with Saffari.

In Firefox, cleaning the cache also didn’t make a difference, but when I deleted the cookies, the page reloaded as expected.
What could cookies have to do with this?

Restarting Tomcat also doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Quitting Chrome completely, with Command+Q, and opening it again makes the page reload perfectly.

Could there be some caching issue with Tomcat?
Could Tomcat be caching servlets’ responses somehow?

I’m working with OSX Lion on a Mac.

Could there be any weird web cache feature embedded in OSX Lion? (this a brand new Mac, purchased last week)

I also tried to use the “Restart App” feature from the debug mode, but even after restarting I still see the same content.


Tomcat has a feature for persistent sessions. This means that the sessions are serialized and restored the next time your Tomcat server starts. You can disable the feature by uncommenting the following line in your

Please see this blog post for more detailed information about the subject:

Thank you Teemu,

I changed this setting in context.xml, but it didn’t help.

I also copied context.xml to WEB-INF and it didn’t make any difference.

Any other idea?

maybe you need to use ?restartApplication at the end of your URL.