Weird problem with Table component

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to display a table that has 2 columns, Profile Id and Profile Name. Profile Id is an Integer field with values from 1 to n. The Profile Name is a String but in the table I modify it to be a link button such that onClick it displays a new window.

Everything is good except that the table always displays only n-1 rows of the n rows returned. The relevant code snippets are below. Can anyone tell me what is it that I am doing wrong?

            Table table = new Table();

            ProfileManager manager = new ProfileManager();
            List<Profile> profiles = manager.listProfiles();

            table.addContainerProperty("profileId", Long.class, null, "Profile Id", null, Table.ALIGN_CENTER);
            table.addContainerProperty("profileName", Button.class, null, "Profile Name", null, Table.ALIGN_LEFT);

            Object[] cells = new Object[2]
            for (Profile profile : profiles) {
                table.addItem(cells, null);

 = (Long) profile.getProfileId();

                Button editProfile = new Button(profile.getProfileName());
 = editProfile;
                editProfile.addListener(new EditProfileListener());


The problem is the first pass of your for loop. You’re passing in an array of nulls. Bump your call to table.addItem(cells, null) to the bottom of your loop.

Thanks Royce. Duh, can’t believe I did not see that.