Weird huge margins in styles.css

Hey guys,

I found the following in my
file, but I have nothing like it in
or any of those files:

.mytheme .v-margin-top {
    padding-top: 37px;

.mytheme .v-margin-right {
    padding-right: 37px;

.mytheme .v-margin-bottom {
    padding-bottom: 37px;

.mytheme .v-margin-left {
    padding-left: 37px;

Where could this be coming from?

I have cleaned and recompiled the theme with Maven, but these styles remain.

This is causing my form to be sized very strangely:

The reason you are seeing these are because you are using layout.setMargin(true); in your Java code. The size you are seeing is the standard Valo margin size. You can change this for instance by setting the valo variables

$v-layout-margin-top: 10px; $v-layout-margin-right: 10px; $v-layout-margin-bottom: 10px; $v-layout-margin-left: 10px;

Hey thanks Sebastian, turning off the Margin in Java code actually did fix the problem! Apparently I had it on each inner layout. So it is definitely Margin-related.

However, even though I put these updated styles into mytheme.scss, I still see 37px margins. I will play with it more tonight, perhaps I’m putting them in the wrong place.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, I’ll post an update when I determine why the styles aren’t updating for me.