Weird case of disappearing ComponentColumns

In my Vaadin 24.2.0.rc1 app I have a grid with 3 ComponentColumns (2 checkboxes, 1 Icon). Initially they work just fine, but as I use the application the content of the columns just disappear.
Anyone else encountered this?

So far it looks like it has something to do with SplitLayout, but I don’t know what.
The grid is the primary component in the SplitLayout. When I click on a row I generate a component and set that as the secondary SplitLayout component.
After this, the ComponentColumns are empty.

If I rearrange my screen so that the parent and child components are in the same VerticalLayout, there is no problem

Sounds like a sizing calculation problem of the grid within the split layout. A reduced test case and issue would be the recommended way

That is on the agenda for today. Either reducing the app until the problem goes away, or building up a simple test until the problem appears. I’ve started with verifying that the content is really gone, not just invisible:

cell before:

cell after:

Now I have a minimum reproducible example. Looks like I’ve found yet another bug in Vaadin :disappointed:

Splitlayout is not really a well used component :grimacing:

I must confess I’m really curious how this bug is even possible. I have only the vaguest idea of how web components work, but I assume SplitLayout shouldn’t have to care about its children, and Grid shouldn’t have to care about its parent

The grid does a lot of magic about calculating the perfect cell width… so a parent that can move / changing width could be problematic