Weird behavior of Liferay Vaadin Portlet in Liferay Portal


I have been developing an Liferay Vaadin portlet for a while now , last week i send the portlet to a teammate to get a feedback. We both have Liferay 6.0.6 Istalled , Im working with Vaadin 6.6.6 i have already compiled some addons etc. so i gave him the link to the Vaadin plugin for Liferay addon so he can do the same himself. Everything is good so far. He compiled the widgets , installed the .war file of my portlet to his liferay Portlal (ADD/Install more applications/browse file). He can put the portlet on any site of the portal but what he gets to see is kinda weird :

this is how it should look like (well it looks like that on my Liferay Portal) :

its kinda weird that he has no CSS styles at all but it gets more “Confusing”. i’ve made another portlet , some simple stuff 4 buttons 3 textfields if i click on a button the text is being printed out (window.showNotification) I’ve send him the portlet to test if its working , it kinda did word he saw all the buttons , textfield and the Notification , even the first portlet i send him worked (???). here comes the triky part. :

I have an empty site (no portlets etc.) , i put the two portlets on my site and reload the site this is what i see :

now if i switch the portlets (the first one goes top the second down ) this is what i see :

Im looking for a solution since a week now , cant find anything similar to my problem , its kinda the weirdes behavior ive ever seen ;/