Website for displaying my energy consumtion in Vaadin 10

Finally, I am ready with my Vaadin 10 based website. It is for monitoring our energy consumtion and the energy comming from my solar panals. It is completly written in java. I use Vaadin 10, Mybatis, chartjs component. I read the data from my solar panel converter, read the data from the smart meter of our energy supplier and the data it is store it in mysql. Everything is running in a raspberry pi with a 64 GB SSD. Not fast but good enough for me. Next project will be a MQTT IoT system/website. You can see it on It would be nice to have some tips from profesionals. For me it is a hobby and this project was a hell of a job. But a good for learning Vaadin.

  • tab 1 solar panel data
  • tab 2 energy consumtion
  • tab 3 gas consumtion
  • tab 4 picture of my raspberry pi and energy meter
  • tab 5 contact information