webpages navigation

Hello everyone, I am new in vaadin and I’m seeing if the framework is adapted to my needs. I have read a bit about it (I ate the whole book of Learning Vaadin 7) but iI was not clear enough about how navigation is handled (Traditional way).

Assuming I want to build a classic application where I have a menu and depending on the option I go to a webpage or another; how should i do it using Vaadin (i mean the right way to do it) ?; Views should be used or theres something else?
and the end result for the user (using vews)… is a mega html page?; the doubt arises because read there, that vaadin philosophy was to have one single page where I have to do everything.

Basically what I want to do is a typical web application with menu and when a option is clicked I have to navigate to another page.

Greetings and thanks,

You can do this two ways:

In single view per UI there is only one view, so if you click on one option you can exchange components and display other data. Multi view needs explicit parameter in url to proper selection of the option in another view.