Webinar: Take a REST by integrating Salesforce into Vaadin

Join Vaadin Expert Matti Tahvonen and Salesforce Developer Evangelist René Winkelmeyer for a tour on how to integrate and interact with the Salesforce App Cloud using your Vaadin applications. Topics like authentication, authorization, API exploration and more will be covered.

Webinar takes place on Thursday October 13, 2016 @ 2PM CEST


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Is there a way for Vaadin to call RESTful service from the Client (browser) rather than from server?

Hi Valery,

I guess you were just a minute or two late with the question, sorry not taking it live.

The answer is: yes, but you should consider if it makes sense.

As Vaadin has the “thin client”, you can use that, extend it with JavaScript components or with GWT and make the rest calls from the client to the service as well. When doing that you’d apply the very same techniques as with any client side (ajax) apps.

But in most cases it is faster and easier to get the connection from the server side. In the server you most likely have a faster network, you can more easily control caching, transform even large datasets to a different shape, combine it with some data you have in the server and integrate with other Vaadin components. So far I haven’t found a case where it would make more sense to get the rest calls from client instead of from the server, but it certainly is possible if you just have the sane use case.


Thanks a lot for the reply.

What I found so far based on your response so as some “googling” is that VAADIN being an RPC framework was not conceived this way even as an option. So using a thin client would rather be a non-standard “weird” way.
We have several legacy (Spring mostly) apps we would like to move their UIs to VAADIN so researching the options I found that we need to get rid of the Controller (REST) part and use the service layer.
Also HUGE thank you for Viritin. Saves a lot of time!
Looking forward to start with VAADIN 8.

P.S. I am a big fan of yours.

I have faced this weird misconception that you couldn’t
RESTful services from Vaadin app, from Java app basically. But Java its various helper libraries is a really powerfull tool to both create and consume REST.

With Vaadin you just often don’t need to use the REST API as you can often access the service directly. This way you can save some CPU, network and most essentially, code :wink:



Some time ago I have built a so called RESTContainer which only role as a Container was to be an intreface to the RESTful webservices. And it perfectly worked with any of UI components.
But then we discovered Viritin and all that work went to the garbage. :wink:
No regrets about it.
I love Viritin approach much-much better.
The only reason I asked about client side RESTful calls is b/c there was an on-going argument with one of my colleagues if Vaadin is capable to be loosely coupled. And the guy is not a big fan of any RPC UI frameworks.
And I wanted to prove that Vaadin is that flexible.
Thanks to you I did. :wink:

Thanks again for all you doing in that field.

I just noticed that the links to the technical content are missing. Here are some relevant links:

There Vaadin + Salesforce (REST) integration example

Consuming REST services with JAX-RS 2 client

Oauth popup add-on

Scribe library
(lower level library for oauth authentication, used by the above as well)

Consuming REST services with Spring’s RestTemplate
(this was actually done after this webinar, but we discussed about RestTemplate as well):