Webinar on Layouting with Vaadin

Join Vaadin Experts Peter Lehto and Mikolaj Olszewski for a webinar on Layouting principles with Vaadin. This is part of the official
Vaadin Trainings
and a superb chance to learn all about one of the most central parts in the framework.


Starting Thursday September 11th 2014 @ 1PM CEST

Post your questions and comments below and we’ll be sure to answer you.


I hope you can address UI lifecycle, and the best way to manage UIs.

Thank you.

Do you plan to implement option for field captions on left side of components and required indicators on right?

I missed the live session (it was at 6am EST here in the US), but watched it.

Nice job, guys, but I had submitted a question when I signed up re: best way to handle table-based layouts that did not involve the absolute positioning of GridLayout but did support appropriate alignments for a table layout (of rows and columns of cells yet would allow for a flexible resize).

Nice once, i liked Responsive Layout. i have ove problem regarding Layout,
i have added one VerticalLayout (v1) inside HOrizontalSplitLayout which is also in Another VerticalLayout, I have set v1to setSizeFull(), but the lower part of it is hidden, plz download the attachment to better understand my question.