Webinar: Building Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications are bridging the gap between web and native, allowing you to build web applications that are able to integrate with the operating system while still maintaining the easy access and sharing what the web offers. Join this webinar where Marcus Hellberg and Juniper Belmont will demystify Progressive Web Apps for you. They will explain what PWAs are and show you how to get started with building your own PWA.

Webinar takes place on Thursday September 15, 2016 @ 7PM CEST


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How is this different than Ionic or any other cordova based platforms?
Why are you saying it “progressive”? why not “hybrid” instead?

Anyway, thanks for the talks guys.
Demo is good.

Thanks guys, good demo

Thanks Marcus and Juniper,

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Good question, forgot to discuss that in more detail.

The main difference between these hybrid apps is that building an app with web technologies and wrapping it in a native wrapper, like with Cordova for instance, disconnects the app from the web. You can no longer link to it or find it through a search engine. You will also need to submit your app to different app stores and update it in all relevant places when it changes.