Webinar: Benefits of Vaadin Pro Tools

Does it feel like you spend too much time on writing boilerplate code?

Vaadin shows you how to simplify your development so you can deliver the best customer experience, while writing less code. Join us for a hands-on demo of Vaadin Pro Tools and get a cool t-shirt!

During this demo Ville and Johannes from Vaadin will show you how to boost your productivity, improve your code quality, and deliver better user-experience with Vaadin Charts, Vaadin Designer, Vaadin TestBench and Vaadin Spreadsheet.

Webinar takes place on Wednesday November 23, 2016 @ 1PM CET


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You can post your questions below, thank you!

Is there a plan to get support for custom components in Vaadin Designer?


Can you guys show how the Vaadin Designer code looks ?

How to use add-on components in Designer ?
For example d3Gauge…

Currently custom components are not yet supported. I know that it is planned, but I’m not in the Designer team so I don’t have any time line to give. Maybe Jens can give a better answer.

EDIT: I’ll ask him.

Both custom components and add-ons are features that we very much asked for and things that we definitely want to add. Those along with UX enhancements that make building designs faster and more easily are our priority right now. There are some technical hurdles that we have to overcome before that, so it is still not put into the roadmap, but we will be looking into getting this to you as soon as possible.

I’ll publish the Designer demo video separately laters. I’ll make the video presentation a bit less hectic and I’ll include link to the design code.