WebComponent works in Vaadin 14 and 22.x but not in 23.x

Hi, there is a Web Component that I want to use in a project. The component works fine in Vaadin 14 and even 22 but not in 23. It is basically a module for Codemirror 5. Is there anything I should check or can someone give me a hint?

Could be related to an older version of polymer or lit which aren’t supported anymore.

Is there a documentation where can I check which version in supported?

Polymer 3+ and Lit 2+

It’s hard to know without the error. Lit version could be incompatible. I think the version has changed between v22 and 23.

Ok, so in the package.json are these versions:

"lit-element": "2.5.1",
"lit-html": "1.4.1",
"@polymer/polymer": "3.2.0",``` 
 So I guess that is the problem here as you mentioned. How do I upgrade these versions (since if I'm not wrong the vaadin-maven-plugin sets it itself) ?

Well your mentioned component has to be updated to be usable I would guess

Do you know anyone who could I contact here as I need help with this?

Is the component open source?

And/or who is the maintainer?

I tried to update the code using the vaadin template. Please have a look at: https://github.com/timfelnder/json-editor/tree/master
Start the server mvn jetty:run