WebBrowser.getScreenHeight() / getScreenWidth() both return 0

I attempting to get the Browser Screen Width / Height using
class. I’ve used the same code as posted in the online Vaadin Sampler application to instatiate a WebBroswer object. I.E

    WebApplicationContext context = ((WebApplicationContext) getApplication().getContext());
	WebBrowser wb = context.getBrowser();


Output is
for both. I’m using Goolge Chrome 16.0 as my main browser but get same result with IE 9 and Firefox 9

Output on the Sampler is correct at 1920 x 1080

I’m using Vaadin 6.7.4 (same result with 6.7.2) with Navigator7 7.49

Does anyone have any suggestions?

When are you calling that function ?

I think it may not be fully initialized yet during Application.init() so 0 might happen.
Have you tried at another moment (like from a click listener) to check ?

Yup…that was the issue.

Many Thanks!