Web Socket with Vaadin's Vertical-Horizontal Layouts

We are developing our new client side trading application with Vaadin.
(Vaadin will receive web service and WEB SOCKET live updates from our back end servers)
We have been using pubnub web socket service for several years now and would like to continue using it.
We know you have Atmosphere Web Socket, however, we would like to stay with our existing one for the time being.
We also want to receive web socket updates at browsers and not at client’s Java Server.
(We would prefer using web sockets to update data rather than http(AJAX) push.)
Usually we use pubnub JavaScript library ,however, our developers would like to use Vaadin’ s verticle and horizontal layouts,
but they don’t know how to bind java variables with JavaScript variables (for the web socket) and get them to receive updates at browsers.
So I would like to ask couple of questions. I hope anyone can help.

  1. Has anyone tested pubnub GWT library with vaadin 7? (their lib is 3 years old).
  2. Would using a GWT library enable us to receive web socket updates at browsers.?
  3. How do we bind javaScript web socket variables with Vaadin’s vertical/horizontal variables and have them updated at browser level ?
    If anyone could give advice or an example it would be very much appreciated.