Web service call from Vaadin

I built a simple form using Vaadin. On the click of form submit button, I want to call a
web service. Does Vaadin have any inbuilt APIs to call web service ?
Pls respond.


You can call web service like into simple Java applications. I use Netbeans. From Vaadin application call web service client. When make reference to ws then into Java code right click and insert web service operation. Then you can use generated function. That simple way to call web service.

Already answered, but just a little clarification:

In Vaadin applications, you should make the web service calls to other services from your server side application (not the browser) using the library of your choice and then update the application state based on the results - Vaadin does not provide APIs for the WS calls, nor do I see any reason for Vaadin to do so.

If you need to perform the call asynchronously, see
this thread
for use of background threads or other background operations.

Thanks Henri and Slavisa

Here is sample how to create web service that connect to Oracle XE and execute a function that is defined in a package. After creation web service we call web service from Vaadin aplication. Created second version of blog with new features.

Blog link:

Web Service and Vaadin application sample blog