Web crawling????

Hello , Im having problems undestanding how to use the web crawling on a vaadin aplication, i have already read the documentation on Book of Vaadin (https://vaadin.com/docs/-/part/framework/advanced/advanced-urifu.html) But I dont undestand If I’m using it right, here is what I want to accomplish:

We want that google could locate some products on our app, for example if one entes on this link: http://myapp.com/market#!market-item/12345
This link should open the product description page.

But according to the book of vaadin I need to enable (override) the method service on the vaadinservlet to tell the search engines the links of where to look for info in my application, :

protected void service(HttpServletRequest request,
HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException,
IOException {
String fragment = request .getParameter(“idworkflow”);
if (fragment != null) {
Product myProduct = ProductApi.get(fragment);
ArrayList allProducts = ProductApi.get();
Writer writer = response.getWriter(); writer.append(“”+ “

Here is some information about product: “+myProduct.getName()+”

    for(Product p : allProducts)
  • ”+p.getName+“
  • ”);
}else {
super.service(request, response);


This will write the next:

Here is some information about Product 12345,

Index of all content:

Is this correct? or I didnt get it at all?


This article resolved many opf my questions: