Web application

Hello everybody. I am the new in Vaadin, and I want to make simple web application which would have a few text fields and few buttons. One function of application is that when I click on button, the content from text fields should insert into database… Can someone help me? How to make connection with database, how to release “insert” command…?
I use Eclipse Java IDE, version:Kepler Service Release 2, and vaadin 7 framework.

Thanks in advance.

From the Vaadin side, all you need is a ClickListener on the button. Whatever you put inside the click method will need to connect to the database and perform the command you want. Vaadin doesn’t include database connectivity tools, because there are so many options out there and we don’t want to tie you to a specific solution. (An exception is the JPA and SQLContainers, but they aren’t applicable in your case).

Since Vaadin programming is done fully in Java, you can use any of the normal Java methods to access a database in Java. The simplest way would be to use JDBC, but you can use pretty much any approach you want. A quick google for ‘jdbc examples’ should get you started.