Ways to handling specific html tags instead of combobox generated span tags


My aim is to create “complex” combobox items like we can see in this example : http://adresse.data.gouv.fr/map/

The generated column are well modified using css tricks.

So i tried to look at custom component connector described in doc, but I understand, that the generated client object for comboboxes items is a
wich use this code for render items captions in td/tr

@Override public String getDisplayString() { final StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(); final Icon icon = client.getIcon(client .translateVaadinUri(untranslatedIconUri)); if (icon != null) { sb.append(icon.getElement().getString()); } String content; if ("".equals(caption)) { // Ensure that empty options use the same height as other // options and are not collapsed (#7506) content = " "; } else { content = WidgetUtil.escapeHTML(caption); } sb.append("<span>" + content + "</span>"); return sb.toString(); } As you can see, VFilterSelect create hard coded spans, and hard coded escaped htmls

Is there ways to

  • - create a custom VFilterSelect that is not creating spans ? but div ?
  • - create a custom VFilterSelect that does not call WidgetUtil.escapeHTML()
  • - create some ugly js magic voodoo trick to 1/ “on-the-fly” get escaped html characters 2/ unescape 3/ let the CSS do the job ?


  • Is there a method like setAllowedHtmlForCaption() but for items captions ?

Thanks for your time,