vite / construct-style-sheets-polyfill


I have switched my application to vite building. Now I am getting an error and frontend fails to load:
GET{filesystem_path}/test-project/node_modules/.vite/deps/construct-style-sheets-polyfill.js?v=4c30caed net::ERR_ABORTED 504.

Error is pointing to theme.generated.js file where this construct-style-sheets-polyfill is imported. Does anyone have any thoughts what should I look at? Googled everything I could, but without any luck. Version of polyfill is 3.1.0 (package.json)

vite / construct-style-sheets-polyfill

Vaadin version is 23.1.2

Vaadin 23.1 isn’t supported anymore and has really really early vite support. It’s 1000 times better in 23.3