vite build on every app restart in 24.1.7

After migration of a Vaadin14 app to Vaadin24, every source file save and therefore app restart via Spring Boot DevTools leads to the re-build of the frontend dev-bundle.
The logfiles contains something like the attachment. Any ideas what kind of changes/modification leads to this unnecessary re-build ?

INFO rtingClassPathChangeChangedEventListener Restarting due to 2 class path changes (0 additions, 2 deletions, 0 modifications)
Spring Boot: 3.1.2
App Version: 
 INFO ApplicationXYZ      Starting ApplicationXYZ using Java 17.0.7 with PID 59477 
DEBUG c.v.flow.server.frontend.FileIOUtils     skipping writing to file 
 INFO c.v.f.s.frontend.TaskRunDevBundleBuild   Creating a new development mode bundle. This can take a while but will only run when the project setup is changed, addons are added or frontend files are modified
DEBUG c.v.f.s.frontend.TaskRunDevBundleBuild   Output of `/usr/local/bin/node /XYZ//webapp/node_modules/vite/bin/vite.js build`:
DEBUG c.v.f.s.frontend.TaskRunDevBundleBuild   vite v4.3.9 building for production...
DEBUG c.v.f.s.frontend.TaskRunDevBundleBuild   transforming...
DEBUG c.v.f.s.frontend.TaskRunDevBundleBuild   ✓ 1239 modules transformed.
DEBUG c.v.f.s.frontend.TaskRunDevBundleBuild   rendering chunks...

Maybe it’s worth mentioning, that there is another message about large chunks but only for one chunk:

../src/main/dev-bundle/webapp/VAADIN/build/generated-flow-imports-0f8d32c5.js             3,051.57 kB │ gzip: 784.60 kB
(!) Some chunks are larger than 500 kBs after minification. Consider:

message.txt (4.36 KB)

Had the same problem


solved my problem

Thanks @charming-frog this property did the trick. It’s worth mentioning here, that the application also restarts twice, but this was Spring Boot DevTools related and could be prevented with properly adjusted devtools.restart.quiet-periodand devtools.restart.poll-interval as described in the Spring Boot docs.