VisualizationsForVaadin : trying to recompile, Widgetset does not ...


I am trying to change a behavior in
: namely, I would like it (at least for LineChart) to be able to support series of Double rather than double
so that I could try to pass “interrupted” series.
I have downloaded the jar, created a project ( maven ), made the changes to the code ( ), recompiled the project and widget set and made my test version of the jar.
The I have created a web app (Eclipse + Vaadin plugin ) where I am testing the line chart but I keep on getting :

Widgetset does not contain implementation for org.vaadin.vaadinvisualizations.LineChart. Check its @ClientWidget mapping, widgetsets GWT module description file and re-compile your widgetset. In case you have downloaded a vaadin add-on package, you might want to refer to add-on instructions. Unrendered UIDL:

I have copied the VaadinvisualizationApplicationWidgetset.gwt.xml so that part of the generation shouldn’t be a problem, also, using the gwt-visualization that is currently working with the “official” version of the add-on … but I can’t seem to understand what I am doing wrong.

I am running vaadin 6.8.9

Any help would be appreciated