VisualizationsForVaadin format number as percent on Gauge

I am using thte gauge chart to display a percent on my application.

It is working great except the value of the gauge is formated as number, I would like to format it as a percentage.

I’ve done some reading on the GWT API and there is a formatted value you can set for the charts. I am wondering if the Vaadin Addon supports setting this value and how.


Hi Benicio ,
how to you added Gauge to your application.?
add as component to window or add as component to layout ?

please post your only that code here…
i tried with it., but still unable to run it from my app ?
its not shown in anyware in my App

here is my code…

private Gauge gauge;

private HorizontalLayout buildButtonLayout() {
                gauge=new Gauge();
		gauge.setOption("redFrom", 90);	
		gauge.setOption("redTo", 100);	
		gauge.setOption("yellowFrom", 75);	
		gauge.setOption("yellowTo", 90);	
		gauge.setOption("minorTicks", 5);	
		gauge.add("Memory", 80);	
		gauge.add("CPU", 55);	
		gauge.add("Network", 68);	
	return buttonLayout;