Visual Editor and constructor arguments

Hi there,

first of all, vaadin is really impressive. I am coming from Echo2 and loved it. Vaadin feels so familiar while being so much better, so big thanks for it!

I recently started to mess around with the Visual Editor in Eclipse. But how is it possible to use (Add-On) UI components that expect constructor arguments? Lets say I want to use the PopupButton. Its constructor needs a String. The Visual Editor generates code using the constructor without arguments giving compile errors.
Changing the source code to use an argument does not work ofc because it gets overwritten instantly.
So what is the way to do it? Is there an idiom that all UI components should have a constructor without arguments?

Big Thanks guys!


Great that you like Vaadin, welcome aboard!

The Visual Editor does not yet have very complete support for add-ons, and this is one of the reasons. Many add-ons need configuring, and there is no way for the editor to know how to do that, so some sort of custom UI should be shown.
For simple things like String, we could probably automatically generate a dialog (but the dialog would not be able to provide much help), or even try use placeholder strings, but it would still be quite limited. Instead we have been planning to allow add-ons (and core components) to provide some sort of custom configuration UI that could be shown in the editor.

But I guess the first thing we should do is to make the VisualEditor leave your edited constructor calls aloneā€¦

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