Visual designer tool - Runo Theme?

hi, i played arround with the eclipse plug-in and a quick noob question came up…
how can i change the visual designer tool theme to runo - if it is possible?

tia ben

Currently that is not possible, the VisualDesigner only supports the Reindeer theme.

much thx,

maybe a nice feature for the future, to change between the built-in themes
or add some VaadinEditorProperties like “theme”:“runo”,…

can i just change the “vaadineditor” theme to runo, i’m sure it’s not as easy?

i set the theme in my application’s init method using this.setTheme("runo");
if i place a button onto the grid and set the “StyleName” to “big” (in properties tab)
(like com.vaadin.ui.themes.Runo.BUTTON_BIG), it look’s fine
at the client side

should i better add a ‘user code block’ outside “@AutoGenerated” to set (or add) the “StyleName”?


I should probably clarify this bit. The VisualDesigner internally can only use the Reindeer theme, i.e. a button will always have the Reindeer theme when you are in Design mode. However, nothing prevents you to have you own theme in the application you are creating and use your own style names in the properties tab. You just will not see the changes you have made in the theme in the VisualDesigner.

So to answer your question. By all means, set the correct style name for the button in the properties tab. It’s style will be applied when you launch your application on an application server.