Visual Designer removing @PropertyId in Form Binder

I am using form binder with @propertyId to bind values with field. I used to manually enter the @PropertyId in the code and later after having doing changes in visual designer, found the @PropertyId annotation is removed.
How can I preserve the @PropertyId even after having changes in the designer ?

	private TextField stateField;
	private TextField bookedField;

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You can not do this easily, see
for more info.

Thank You Mathias…

Is there any way to bind the nested properties in form binder. I had given the surce code at first.
Pls provide a suggestion.

Sorry, I have never used the form binder

Its ok…

Thanks for the reply.


Can’t you use the naming convention instead of annotations? E.g. property with name “firstName” → textfield editing the property should be named firstNameField.