Visual designer in eclipse: Problems with nested form, large pages etc


I have a autogenerated (Spring Roo) page which doesn’t fit to Eclipse’s Vaadin editor page. Is there any way to zoom in the view so that I can see the whole page? At the moment I can’t scroll the page in the vaadin editor at all, so I can’t see the down part of the page at all (Mac OSX). Stupid question, but no can do :slight_smile:

If I comment out part of the code and open the same file in Visual Editor, it deletes the commented code as well. How can I avoid that?

And the last one. I have a company Form and I would like to add Address Form to the same page. In Visual Editor, I just tried to create (under the (company’s) Field Layout) an another layout and add AddressForm inside it, but I never see it? How you guys do that kind of things and Can I do it with visual editor at all?