virtual list

nothing appears when i used a virtual list. i also tried to print out the list size and it returned 2 so it cant also be a empty list

VirtualList<ModCase> list = new VirtualList<>();
        list.addClassNames("position-absolute", "top-50", "start-50", "translate-middle");

and then my renderer
message.txt (2.23 KB)

Did you check the developer console in the browser how the DOM was created? Could also a problem with all the position absolute messing up your layout

I’d recommend simplifying the Renderer first (e.g. just add a fixed text) to see if the problem is with the Renderer or with the VirtualList

Or maybe the height of the virtual list is 0. I would probably try add a fixed width and remove the list of class name ( for testing).

Yes, that’s one thing that’s easier to discover when you don’t have a large renderer implementation to ponder over.

private final ComponentRenderer<Component, ModCase> modCaseCardRenderer = new ComponentRenderer<>(
            modCase -> {
                return new Text("hello");
still nothing shows

update: got it working

In case someone else runs into the same issue: what was the problem?

Bootstrap positioning

I changed and used margin instead of bootstrap

Then removed the overflow