Virtual List and scrolling

Hi, different question about the Virtual List. I would like to have the scrolling be done by a parent rather than the Virtual List itself for UX reasons, but when I try that, the list pulls all the available data at once from the server and grows to its maximum size right away. I don’t know how it works internally, is there a way to get the infinite scroll functionality without the list component itself being scrollable?

I guess what I want is that it adds items to the bottom only when they become visible, but doesn’t remove items at the top, so it grows in size and triggers overflow on the parent. Can it do that? Or would I need to use a different component / make my own?

No, that’s not possible. The component relies on having a clearly defined max size and a scroll position to determine which items to load and display.
It sounds like you want some kind of lazy-loading solution, where new items are loaded in when you reach the end of the page / scrollable area. There is no official component that does that, but you could check for add-ons, or build it yourself.

Yea that’s what I suspected. Thank you!

I used this component to load new item once you are at the bottom, unfortunately it’s written in polymer:@polymer/iron-scroll-threshold - npm