Viritin - PagingProvider - Large amount of data


I want to use the LazyComboBox out of the viritin addon.
For that purpose I have to specify a PagingProvider that will provide data starting at a certain index.

Out of performance reasons I wanted to ask how to handle large amounts of data using this paging provider, because unfortunately it does not tell you the page size, so that one could only load a single page, but only the start index.

Is there something planned? e.g. a method findEntities(int startIndex, int len, String filter) ?

Additionally it would be nice to have the ability to speify the minimum length of the input that is used for filtering, as most of the times one would not want to load items based up on a single letter for large amounts of data.


You can specify the page size with the overloaded constructor.

The requirement of defining the minimun string lenght for filtering is popping up every now and then, both for ComboBox and TextField. I think two persons asked this last week in Spring I/O Barcelona. Would you do a favour and add an enchancement issue about this (to Can’t fix this in Viritin as I try to avoid client side customizations in it.