Viritin MultiSelectTable no selection


Is it possible with MultiSelectTable to
select rows?
If the table is initially created, there are no selections.
But once I’ve selected a row, I can only select another row,
and not deselect the current row (without selecting a new row).

I have a 0:N relations that I edit with a MultiSelectTable,
therefore selecting not any row is also a valid selection.


The Table’s multiselect mode works like that. Additional rows are selected with CTRL/CMD(mac). There is also the “legacy multiselect mode” setMultiSelectMode(MultiSelectMode.SIMPLE).

If you want to ensure there is a selection, you should verify that with a validator. Then you can easily maintain the state of Save button so that invalid stuff don’t get into your backend. With AbstractForm (Viritin helper class) this is handled automatically for you.



I use now setMultiSelectMode(MultiSelectMode.SIMPLE) for the table of the MultiSelectTable and then I can deselect every selection I made.

– JG