VFilterSelect should hide SuggestionPopup when it gets blurred

I’m working on a form where I installed an Action.Handler to deal with focus transfer between fields in it. If there is a suggestion popup open for the currently focused combo box and then the focus is moved due to the action handler’s invoking focus() on another field, the suggestion popup remains. I found that VFilterSelect doesn’t hide the popup in its onBlur(…) method.

I think VFilterSelect should hide the popup when it gets the focus lost. Currently I’m working around the problem by subclassing VFilterSelect and overriding onBlur method to send a fake ESC event to its onKeyUp(…) method which in turn does what I need. This workaround is devised not to modify Vaadin distribution itself for the sake of easing migrations to the future Vaadin releases.

This is quite easy to fix, and seems make sense.

Any opinion?


Yes, definitely a bug, and should be added to the issue trackerd (
). Could you please add a new ticket there?

It seems that 6.6.0 release fixed the problem partially. Anyway, I’ll try to describe my concern in a bug filing.


Ticket #6978

I filed the relevant bug in dev.vaadin.com. The above is the ticket.