Very small window width or negative x-position

In my application, I have a sub-window that I’d like to semi-hide when it’s not needed. I tried doing a setPositionX() with a negative value, but the window just positions to zero. I also tried setting the window width to a small value (“10px”), but the window resizes to some seemingly minimum value (around 150px with the Runo theme). There doesn’t appear to be a min-width setting in the CSS.

Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this?

Would the Toolbox Addon work for your problem? With it you can have a ‘hidden layout’ that is just little bit visible as you described.

I’m not exactly sure how small sub windows you can have but the problem is probably with the header needing some space for the caption and buttons. One way could be to make a really narrow layout and use it as window content when it’s in the hidden state. Although that won’t address the 150px issue.