Vertically scrollable Cell in table

Hello everybody,
I’d like to ask if anybody knows how to make a cell (not the table, only the cell) scrollable (vertically), as the image linked by the address below shows.


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That screenshot looks more like a table being scrolled, than a cell.

However, in short : no, there is no easy way to do this.

You’d have to use a Table.ColumnGenerator to generate a different component for each cell- and depending upon your intent, you might need to create a Panel (which is the only “scrollable” container in Vaadin) or an Vaadin label with XHTML content that contains CSS classes that you can configure to scroll the “overflow”)

Remember, btw, that you cannot have variable height rows in a Vaadin table - i.e. all rows must be the same height.

I’ve not done this, and so can offer no example code.



It isn’t really clear if you want to scroll a cell or a row, but here goes. You could make the cell content a Panel; that would only scroll one cell though, and not the whole row. As a concept of ‘row component’ doesn’t exist in the standard table, making the whole row scrollable is impossible without modifications to the Table component.

The current Table implementation uses the HTML table-tag, with TR and TD tags, that make this particular feature impossible to do with CSS as well.

How many rows do you have in your Table? You might want to consider an alternative solution, as the proposed one could present the user with a lot of scrollbars in the same component, which isn’t exactly easy to use.