vertical scrollbar up arrow not working

I have a table within a AbsoluteLayout. When data is populated in the table, the up and down arrows for the vertical scrollbar are not working in Firefox, but do work in IE. (Vaadin 7.1.1). I only able to scroll vertically by grabbing the scrollbar itself and dragging it.


The problem sounds odd, and might be a bug if it behaves differently in different browsers. Do you have any sort of click listeners or drag’n’drop that might eat up the button clicks? Or some layout overlay problem (check with FireBug)?

Please check for layout problems (such as with the analyze layouts in the debug window) and try to narrow it down to a simple test case. If it is obviously a bug, please
file a ticket

One thing I did notice is that it even works differently in browser versions. In Firefox version > 20 , it works fine. It doesn’t work in browsers version < 10 for FF. Maybe its the combo of using Vaadin 7 and old browsers?

Ah, well, Vaadin 7 only supports Firefox 18 and up (and 17 ESR), so… I don’t know if there is a ticket for that particular problem, if not, you could create one. But, it will probably be on low priority because of the unsupported browser (there’s probably a reason why it’s unsupported). So, if you can avoid the problem with some other layout structure, I’d recommend trying that.

ok, thank you sir.