vertical Menu and tree

i am new using vaadin
i am trying to make one web app using vaadin and i want to make two menus:
1.- a simple vertical menu indented as the vaadin book ( in the rigth side but i dont know wath component is that.
Do you know one code example for making one simple indented vertical menu?

2.- i am trying into another page to make one tree menu but it doesn’t appears indented.
i am using this code.

public class NavigationTree extends Tree {
    public NavigationTree(KofradiaManagerApplication app) {
    	Item treeAll,treeSearch,treeGehitu,treeSearchMesa;
    	treeAll = addItem("mostrar todo");
    	treeSearch = addItem("Buscar");
    	setChildrenAllowed(treeSearch, true);
    	treeSearchMesa = addItem("Por Mesa");
    	setChildrenAllowed(treeSearchMesa, true);
    	setParent(treeSearchMesa, treeSearch);
    	treeGehitu = addItem("Añadir");
      addListener((ItemClickListener) app);

can anybody helps me for making this menu identable and the child nodes (treeSearchMesa ) appears indented from the treeSearch?