vertical layout height does not fill entire TD

Hi I have a table where in the third column i have to dispaly a list of objects. Now in the second column i have a vertical layout . When the user clcks on the second column i have to change the background colur of the column and display a menu (popup). Now the vertical layout is not spanning the entire TD. below is the code for column generator

public Component generateCell(final Table table, final Object itemId,
		final Object columnId) {

	final List<TreatmentObjective> objectives = (List<TreatmentObjective>) table
	final VerticalLayout verticalLayout = new VerticalLayout();

	for (final TreatmentObjective to : objectives) {
		Panel panel = generatePanel(to, table);
	return verticalLayout;

How can i acheive this. I cannot make a single column to get selected, this is how i want to bypass/ make user believe that column is selected.
Find attachment to get a clear picture of the problem


Have you tried setting the height to 100% in the same manner you set the width?

// Marc

Yes tried that too infact the layout height shrinks if set to 100%. Resolved this by manually multiplying each row height with number of elements in the list and setting the sizeable units to pixels.

verticalLayout.setHeight(Math.max(objectives.size(), actions.size())
* 69,Sizeable.UNITS_PIXELS);