Version control (GIT) and new generated code ( package.json, node_modules,

OK, this is, admittedly, only loosely related to Vaadin, but thought I would ask it here. I am currently using Vaadin 14.0.0 MPR + Vaadin 7 while I transition to pure Flow. Currently, because of production issues and user requests, I often have to go back to the pure Vaadin 7 branch (the MPR version is not ready to give users yet). With Vaadin 14+, we now have a bunch of new generated/downloaded stuff:

  1. package.json
  2. webpack.config.js
  3. webpack.genetated.js
  4. Some directory with all the NPM stuff ( node_modules )

Do people tend to add these generated files to version control? I am not asking if it is legal, because of course it is. I am asking how people handle these files in their version control scheme. I am not a GIT expert, thus my question. From what I have read, ignore generated files, let them be regenerated every time, unless you specifically want to store the generated files.


The migration guide gives some guidance on these files: