ValueProvider get TARGET type

Is there any way to get TARGET type from ValueProvider without using other object? I mean i want to know type of returning function from ValueProvider before adding my list to grid.My problem is:
First i`m creating list of ValueProviders for grid columns like

List<ValueProvider<ObjectDTO,Object>> listValueProviders = new ArrayList<.();
listValueProviders.add(object -> {
			return object.getId()>0  ? true : false;});

then i want to create grid where if return type from ValuePrivder will be Date then add render to column.

 instanceof Date)
 with render for Date)

Is there any option to make something like:
instanceof Date)
work for ValueProvider? Get Type for TARGET without item list just wihtout source object?
I know that i can use
.apply(source) instanceof Date)
but there is possibility that it will have empty list of source objects before adding columns and that this column will be null then it will return false

I might be wrong, but I believe that kind of thing is not possible in Java, even with reflection. You should probably store the type information when you create the ValueProviders.