ValueChangeListener - does only react on browser refresh


I have the following problem.

Like in the adressbook-application, I added this ValueChangeListener to my application:

userTable.addListener(new Property.ValueChangeListener()

            public void valueChange(ValueChangeEvent event)
                Object id = userTable.getValue();
                userEditor.setItemDataSource(id == null ? null : userTable.getItem(id));
                tUserRemovalButton.setVisible(id != null);

The problem is: if I select a row, nothing happens. I’m using firebug to monitoring the network connections, and there is no communication between client and server.
But if I refresh the whole page, it works.
When I monitor the addressbook-demo on the vaadin page, it works.

I’m using Firefox 3.5.8.

Please help!


You have to set your table to be immediate to get valueChangeEvents immediately after the user selects a row:


You’re right, thanks.
I thought I already did that.