ValueChange delay

I have a UI, quite similar to the address book example: One HorizontalSplitPanel: on the left panel is a table with the container, populated from a List of my beans and on the right is the form with a few fields in it and they are bound to the selected BeanItem through a FieldGroup.
The issue I will be descibing is happening with all the fields on the right hand form but an example is like that:
One of the fields is a ComboBox with a valueChangeListener and depending on the value selected I need to enable/disable another field. That works as I liked but the value chage event is not fired immediately. It does not get fired if I tab through all the remaining fields. It gets fired if I move the divider of the HorizontalSplitPanel.

All fields are setBuffered(

Likewise, I am expecting any changes on the right form to be reflected to the relevant row on the left table but that again gets delayed until I move the splitter either by user interaction or programatically through a button click.

Other facts that may be relevant:

  • This is running in an iframe within a legacy web page.
  • I am on Vaadin 7.2.5

Any help is appreciated. Cheers.

It turns out to be the setBuffered(false) is not sufficient on its own but fields must have setImmediate(true) as well