Value is not reflecting to textfield even after request repaint.

Currently I am using vaadin 6.6.2 version. I am using a component Textfield in application. I have used setValue function to set some value to textfield. But the value is not getting reflected to UI. I have tried calling requrestRepaint method on after setValue function. But no effect on UI side. I have debug the code and use getValue function to read the textfield value. The new values is returned correctly. So as per as java code is concern everything is working fine but from UI side latest value is not reflecting to textfield. Please let me know if there any changes in Textfield code in version 6.6.2, at


It’s impossible to say what the problem is without seeing some code. I am however most certain that the TextField works as expected. From what you’ve described, it sounds like the textfield gets a new value at a later point, but still before it paints its changes. This can occur, for example, if you use the TextField in a form and try to set a value for the TextField in a FormFieldFactory. In this case, the form would override whatever value you’ve defined in the FormFieldFactory - if the item in the form doesn’t have a value for that property, then your TextField will also be empty.

Do you use an external thread to update the value of your TextField? If so, take a look at
that explains the reason and solution.