Valo Responsive Support for Button Groups, Tables

I see for the most part, the Valo theme is responisve, however there are still a number of items that are not, such as the Horizontal Layout and Button Groups and Tables out of the box.
Is this still an issue with Grid and Table components?

I am possibly thinking of updating to 7.3 away from my custom implemented 7.2 + Twitter Bootstrap theme.

Those button groups in your attachment are actually the MenuBar component, which is Responsive, but only when you set the width to be relative (i.e. percentage). There’s an
open ticket
about making it responsive without requiring you to specify the width on the server, and so we could add max-width: 100% to it and have overflowing items drop to the collapse menu.

The Table component is not by any means responsive, and probably never will be, since all progress on that front is made on the new Grid component which should replace Table eventually. But as a workaround, you can add a BrowserWindowResizeListener for the Page object of your application, and adjust the table accordingly for different screen sizes, like collapse a bunch of columns for narrow sizes.

BrowserWindowResizeListener, yup did that.