Valo - How to wait for the end of an animation


I want to add an animation (valo-animate-out-fade) to a panel with a button click and after the animation I want to navigate to another screen. Adding the animation is no problem (but if I don’t navigate) the panel appears again after the animation. If I navigate the navigation will be executed immediately without showing the animation.

How can I wait for the end of the animation to hide the panel permanently or to do a navigation to another screen?

Thanks in advance

Hey Marcus,

Did you solve this problem? I’d probably recommending using JS. Quite a few solid solutions proposed on Stack Overflow (i.e. waiting for an animation to finish).

For future reference:
I actually made a small jQuery Wrapper Extension for this exact functioniality using the javascript animation-finished listeneres.
The code can be found here:!/thread/10177297/10188696